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Prenups, prenuptial agreements or premarital agreements, call them what you will - if you are planning on getting married in California, having one can make your marriage more enduring, as well as protecting you if it fails.  The process of creating the agreement with your future spouse will help cement your relationship, articulating your expectations about money, lifestyle and your future together.  It will also help to protect you and your loved ones in the coming years.  If both parties put their cards on the table from the beginning, there are fewer disappointments later on. 

Attorney Elizabeth Botsford LLM Tax (Hons) creates premarital agreements for busy people in California.  Wherever you live in California, you can access Attorney Botsford's legal and drafting know-how.  You never have to leave your home or office to move the process forward.  Attorney Botsford works on-line and through in-depth personal telephone consultations for the most convenient, stress-free experience for you.  An affordable fixed fee means there's one item on your wedding list that is guaranteed not to go over budget.

Creating a premarital agreement is an important, lasting act of love and a demonstration of commitment to the new family created by marriage.  Our varied approaches to money, expectations, family and entitlement so often go unspoken, only to seep out in moments of crisis, just when you need to work together as a couple.  The act of creating a premarital agreement requires you to face up to any differences now, so that you can be more certain of working together towards common goals in the future.  

Weddings are a time when we cling to old traditions or create new traditions of our own.  The elaborate courtship rituals of times past have largely been overridden by modern ideas of securing the family.  But some old fashioned ideas live on.   One outmoded idea which features in all Victorian melodramas is the moment when a young man approaches his beloved's father for her hand in marriage.  The conversation takes place behind closed doors.   The author skirts over exactly what is being said.  Yet this is the discussion we all need to have about money.  The father is vetting the young man about not just his actual wealth or even his prospects, but about his attitude towards money.  The father knows that if the young man's attitudes mirror his own, the daughter will feel well-looked after.  If the two young people come from families with similar beliefs about money, it's less likely to be a source of conflict.

Nowadays men and women are expected to make their own arrangements about getting married.  But instead of insisting on carrying out this conversation themselves, the need to spell out their exact expectations is often ignored until the stress caused becomes unbearable.  It takes maturity from both parties to have this discussion, but if it is too much of a challenge, better to know now than after you are married.

Here are some of the ways a premarital agreement can protect you:

  1. A  premarital agreement can ensure that your intentions regarding the potentially competing interests in a blended family are understood by both spouses and carried out.
  2. Deciding now how money will be dealt with in the event that one spouse downgrades his or her career to care for children prevents future tensions interfering with the children's upbringing.
  3. Openly discussing how separate property will be managed and used prevents later misunderstandings.
  4. Without a premarital agreement, the State of California makes the decisions about how assets will be divided in the event of divorce.   The broad-brush approach of California law may not suit your individual situation.  Get legal advice about how to manage your existing assets during marriage so that you and your future children are not impoverished by later divorce. 
  5. Protect yourself from your new spouse's debt.

The run up to a wedding is a busy time – people get caught up in the details of the ceremony and celebration which can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  The average wedding costs $80,000 and lasts one day.  A premarital agreement costs a small fraction of that amount and can serve you for years to come.  That’s a lasting investment.

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Attorney Elizabeth Botsford LLM Tax (Hons) is always mindful that you are busy.  Access valuable advice, for an affordable fixed price.  Protect yourself and your loved ones with a premarital agreement designed for your unique circumstances. is a Busy Wills, Inc. website.  For more information about Busy Wills, Inc.'s estate planning services, please visit

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